POSTPONED: Venetian Music

With Arwen Myers, soprano and John Lenti, Theorbo

7:30 PM - Thursday, March 26, 2020

Out of an abundance of caution, we at Bitterroot Baroque, Inc. have decided to postpone the upcoming Hamilton concert on March 26 with theorboist John Lenti and soprano Arwen Myers because of the coronavirus issue. They would both be traveling from the highly impacted areas of Seattle and Portland. Even though we don’t yet have cases in Montana, people are wary and it’s not clear what our turnout would be. We believe this is the responsible thing for a presenter organization to do in order to comport with experts' recommendations for "social distancing." John and Arwen are in accord and look forward to coming at another time. Also, by then, Bitterroot Baroque will have our own theorbo, and the original intent of the concert — to show off and give lessons with our new instrument — can be fulfilled.

Bitterroot Baroque

Hamilton, Montana

Bitterroot Baroque's workshops and current season are made possible, by our generous donors and through grants from the Montana Arts Council and the Rapp Family Foundation.

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Address 801 S 3rd Street, Hamilton, Montana 59840

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801 S 3rd Street, Hamilton, Montana 59840

Telephone: (314) 852 - 5099


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